Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 High Flow Air Box and Intake Piping Kit



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Patrol ZD30 High Flow Air Box (Air Filter Included)

Our custom air boxes are a copy from the OEM Nissan Patrol GU series with a ZD30 engine.

Being that these are copied from the Nissan design, they are a direct fitment into patrols. These air-boxes have modifications done to them to increase flow, strength and also a complete seal air-box making them a true water tight seal.

Upgrading to 3.5 inch inlet and outlets allow for over 290 cfm of airflow and no restrictions when boosting up your ZD30.

*Alloy construction
*Fully rotatable Lid
*Tig welded
*CNC cut flanges
*Powder coated 
*Drain bung underneath
*Stainless Bolts, Washers Inc

Note: This air box may not fit for some models with dual battery set up.

Patrol ZD30 High Flow intake Piping Kit

This intake piping kit is done to suit our DPP air box and has all vacuum / breather ports.

This air box & intake piping kits will increase airflow up to 20% and spool your turbo up quicker.

Fitting Note’s :

You Will Need to Modify Your MAF Sensor to Suit the Silicone Hoses!

* This Air-box May Not Fit For Some Models With Dual Battery Set Up's.

* Piping From Air-box To Engine Will Need To Be Modified. 

* Some Early GQ Y60 Models Will Need A Mounting Hole Drilled.

* We Don’t Provide Any Pipe Work/ Joiners To Connect The Air-box To The         

  Snorkel, That’s In Your Hands To Plumb As There’s To many Variations.

If you are not sure if this product is correct for your vehicle, please call us on 03 8555 3989 or send your VIN to