Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 High Flow Intake Piping Kit

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Our Custom Demon Pro Parts Air Intake Pipe Kit Is Designed For The Enthusiasts Chasing a Higher Volume Air Of To There Engine.

Our Kit Has Been designed to not only replace the factory rubber intake hose that constantly perishes, but to increase air flow characteristics to allow the turbocharger to spool easier, Creating better response and power across the board.

Our Pipe Kit Has The Following,

* 1/8TH Barb Welded In. ( This Is For Your Factory Boost Controller To Get a Source. )

* 1/2 Inch Barb For Your Breather Hose.

* Mounting Bracket For You Factory Boost Controller.

   ( Also Can Mount Aftermarket Ones Here To. )

* 4 PLY Black Silicon Hose.

* Stainless Clamps.

* 3 Inch Anodised Alloy Hard Pipe.


Fitting Notes :

You Will Need to Modify Your MAF Sensor to Suit the Silicone Hoses!

This Kit Wont Suit A Factory Airbox!

You Will Need To Already Have A DPP Hi-Flow Airbox Installed To Use This Kit.

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