TILLIX Toyota Landcruiser 1HZ & 1HD Exhaust Manifold



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TILLIX have created a Split-Pulse exhaust manifold for Toyota Landcruiser compatible with 1HZ and all 1HD engines.
It has a square port design for (FT & FTE) with a CT26 turbo flange.

This manifold is manufactured from SiMo ductile cast iron.
It has been engineered to use a split pulse design that provides a significant improvement over traditional merge or log-type manifolds by keeping the exhaust pulses separated before they enter the turbine housing.
This results in increased cylinder scavenging, increased torque, and power across the RPM range, as well as better response from the turbocharger.

The port design is square, to work with the 1HD-FT & 1HD-FTE. But will also bolt on and work flawlessly with the 1HZ and 1HD-T engines.

Perfect to couple with a CT26 based turbocharger while turbocharging a naturally aspirated 1HZ.

Exhaust manifold finish:
The exhaust manifold will come as a raw finished product or HPC coated in extreme temp black – please choose when placing the order.

All exhaust manifolds will come with:

  • Turbine to manifold gasket.
  • High tensile steel studs (or optional Inconel Studs).
  • Stainless washers.
  • Wurth copper-coated lock nuts.

Optional Inconel Studs:
Inconel 625 studs can also be optioned if required for extreme temp applications.

    Tillix are an Aussie owned and based company that create high quality parts and complete kits.