Soft Recovery Shackle - 14T - Hulk 4x4

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Hulk 4x4 Kinetic Recovery Rope


  • 12 strand UHMWPE Rope - Lighter and Stronger
  • Braided protection jacket
  • Comes with drying pouch
  • One piece design, easy connect and disconnect
  • Bright colour for easy of finding
  • 10 millimeter thickness
  • 14 tonne capacity

Why buy a soft shackle?

Soft shackles serve the same purpose as regular steel or aluminum shackles: providing a secure connection point for a winch or strap. While steel shackles have been in use for centuries, soft shackles are relatively new, and many people are unaware of their benefits.

Weight - Soft shackles are lightweight, typically weighing just a few ounces compared to a pound or more for steel shackles. They float on water and mud and take up minimal space and weight in our usually over-packed off-road vehicles.

Safety - A closed connection with a soft shackle is much safer than using a hook. If a cable or rope breaks, a soft shackle won't become a deadly projectile like a steel shackle.

Easy of Use - Soft shackles are easy to use and extremely flexible, making recovery connections simple. A self-tightening loop becomes stronger as pressure is applied. Being a single piece, you won't have to worry about fumbling with a pin or screw.

Flotation - Have you ever dropped a shackle in the water or mud? Soft shackles float, so you'll never have to search for one if it gets dropped. Since they contain no metal, they will never rust!

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