Kinetic Recovery Rope - 8.6T 9m x 19mm - Hulk 4x4

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Hulk 4x4 Kinetic Recovery Rope


  • 30% Elasticity for greater recoil during recovery
  • Bright coloured eyelet ends, reinforced for durability
  • Comes with dry bag (keeping your vehicle clean)
  • Can be used with steel and soft shackles
  • 9 meter length
  • 19 millimeter thickness
  • 8.6 tonne capacity

Why buy a Kinetic rope?

Kinetic recovery ropes are superior to traditional snatch straps due to their strength, greater stretch, and smoother recovery with less shock. They protect the core better and have stronger splices compared to the sewn eyelets of straps. While traditional straps are easily damaged and must be retired early, kinetic ropes with a protective layer can withstand minor nicks and cuts without compromising the core.

Benefits of Kinetic Ropes:

  • Traditional snatch straps typically offer less than 20% stretch, while kinetic ropes can stretch up to 30%, providing 50% more stretch compared to the best snatch straps available.

  • Kinetic ropes excel at absorbing the shock of recovery by transferring energy smoothly from the recovering vehicle to the one in need, reducing stress on both the vehicle and its occupants.

  • Kinetic recovery ropes are more durable, less prone to failure, and easier to pack away.

  • The nylon composition, along with the inner core and outer sheath of kinetic ropes, enhances their strength, protection, and lifespan.

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