Jrone Turbo for Mercedes / Jeep / Chrysler 3.0L V6 OM642 765155

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Brand: Jrone
Model: GTA2056VK
Part No: 765155-5008S / 765155-0008 / 743507-0009, 757608-0001, 765155-0004, 765155-0007
OEM No: A6420901480, A6420900280, A6420905980, 68037207AA, 6420900280, 6420900780, 6420902080, 6420904780, 6420905980, 68037207AA, 6420900280, A6420900280, A6420901480, 6420901480, 6420900780, 6420904780, 6420905980, A6420900780, A6420904780, A6420905980, 68037207AA, A68037207AA, A6420902980, 6420902980, A6420908780, 6420900080, A6420900080, 6420901480, A6420901480, A6420901490, 6420901490, A6420908780, 6420908780, A642090598080, 642090598080, 642090708088, 642- 090-70-80-6, 642 090 708 088, A6420900290, A6420906980
- Chrysler 300 (LX) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY05-10
- Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY05-10
- Mercedes-Benz C320 CDI (W203) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY05-07
- Mercedes-Benz E280 CDI (W211) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY05-09
- Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTEC (W211) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY08-09
- Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI (W211) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY06-09

- Mercedes-Benz CLS320 CDI (C219) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY05-10
- Mercedes-Benz CLS350 CDI (C219) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY07-10

- Mercedes-Benz R280 CDI (W251) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY07-09
- Mercedes-Benz R300 CDI (W251) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY09-12

- Mercedes-Benz R320 CDI (W251) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY06-09
- Mercedes-Benz R350 CDI (W251) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY09-12

- Mercedes-Benz ML280 CDI (W164) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY05-10
- Mercedes-Benz ML300 CDI (W164) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY05-11
- Mercedes-Benz ML320 CDI (W164) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY05-09
- Mercedes-Benz ML350 CDI (W164) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY09-11
- Mercedes-Benz Sprinter CDI (W639) 3.0L V6 OM642 MY06-10
Gaskets: This turbo comes with a free gasket set as photo shows.
Delivery: Free post to Aus wide, normally takes 2-4 days to major cities. If you need express overnight, contact us for the price.