Cold Air Intake Kit & Battery Relocation Kit for Ford Falcon FG / FG-X Barra



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Demon Pro Parts Intake Kit Is a Great Modification To Add To Your FG Falcon. These Air Box Intakes Allow For Cold Air To Be Drawn Through The Headlight Area And Straight Into Your Filter, Made From Light Weight Alloy And Finished In Anodised Black For a Clean Look!

Fitting Notes:

We Have a Drop Down Option For Different Compressor Covers, This Please Ensure Your Choosing The Correct One To Suit So We Can Ship Out The Right Parts!

Option 1, Standard 3 Inch Inlet Compressor Cover.

Option 2, Upgraded 4 Inch Inlet Compressor Cover.

We Don't Supply Hose For The Breather Set Up, You Will Need A Length Of 10MM / 3/8IN Hose To Plumb It In.

Our Intake Kit Will Fit (Most) Hot Side Intercooler Pipes INC OEM Ones, But We Can Not Guarantee They Will Fit Every Single One.


Mounting Holes Are Pre Drilled, You Will Just Need To Set The Lid In Its Place And Use The Self Drilling Screws To Secure It, Ideally You Can Use Rivnuts If You Have Access To Them.

Trimming Of The 45 Degree Silicon Hose Will Be Necessary As We provide A Full Length Piece To Cater For A Wide Range Of Turbo Set Ups.

Our DPP Kit Has The Following INC,

1 X DPP Airbox Lid

1 X 4 Inch Alloy Hard Pipe INC Rocker Cover Breather Port.

1 X 45 Degree 5 Ply Silicon Elbow.

2 X Stainless Hose Clamps.

1 X Blanking Plug (If You Don’t Require A Breather From Your Rocker Cover).

1 X 3/8 Barb (For Your Rocker Cover Breather).

1 X DPP High Flow Air-Filter (4X9 Inch) (W/Clamp).

Ford Falcon XR6 FG Battery Relocation Kit

The DPP battery relocation kit is the first modification you will need when modifying your Barra!

Moving the battery to the passenger side of the vehicle allows you to run your intake directly behind the Drivers side head light, this allows a straight shot for the air to enter the turbocharger and removes the cluster of ducting in the engine bay.

Included in the kit.

  • Pre Made Positive Battery Cable With Red Terminal Cover
  • Pre Made Earth Battery Cable With Black Terminal Cover
  • 2 Piece Battery Tray
  • Battery Hold Down Clamps & Bracket

Note: The Battery Hold Down Clamps Will Need To Be Trimmed Down After Install, We Have Left Them Slightly Long To Suit Multiple Battery Heights.