Turbo Oil Feed & Return Line Kit For Ford Falcon XR6 BA/BF/FG/FG-X Barra


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Demon Pro Parts oil feed & return line kit for Ford Falcon BA/BF/FG/FG-X with Barra turbo engines.

Gen 2 Barra oil feed line kit info:

The Demon Pro Parts Oil Line Kit Is Specially Made For The Falcon Series As The OEM Steel Pipe Is Prone To Clogging Due To The Filter Internally Fitted To The Oil Block Unit.

These Kits Are Made To Provide A Clean Full Flow Of Oil To The Turbo To Prevent Starvation Issues And Dress Up The Engine Bay At The Same Time.

The Gen 2 oil feed line kits have new design upgraded stainless steel fittings 

What's included: 
- 2 X Stainless Braided Hose
- 2 X -4AN Stainless Steel Fittings 
- 1 X Stainless Banjo Bolt
- 1 X Inline Filter 

Fitting Tips:
- The fire sleeved end of line goes on the turbo fitting end
- There are two -4AN fittings provided, one fits BA & BF, the other fits FG & FG-X
- The banjo bolt goes to the oil block adaptor end

The OEM Inline Filter Must Be Removed From The Oil Block Located On The L/H Side Of The Engine Block Prior To Installation.

Barra Hi-Flow Oil Return Kit

The DPP Hi-Flow Oil Return Kit Is Specially Designed For BA/BF/FG/FG-X Barra Turbo Engines, The Factory Steel Oil Return Is Prone To Splitting At The Flex Join, And This Can Result In Turbo Failing And Even Engine Failing.

Switching Over To The DPP Hi-Flow Oil Return Kit Will Not Only Fix This, But Will Help Get All The Oil Back To The Sump Quicker, And Stop Oil Backing Up In The Turbo Due To The Larger -10AN Return Hose (OEM Steel Pipe Is 13MM ID & -10AN Is 16MM ID).

This Is A DIY Kit, And Will Require Assembly. This Is Because Every Car Is Different And Most Of Our Rev Head Customers Like To Run Their Lines In Their Own Way.

What's included:
- 2 X Two Bolt Oil Flange
- 1 X -10AN 45 Degree Fitting
- 1 X -10AN 90 Degree Fitting
- 1 X -10AN Push Lock Hose 400 Series
- 2 X Gaskets
- Mounting bolts & washers

Brand: Demon Pro Parts
- Ford Falcon BA 4.0L Barra MY02-05
- Ford Falcon BF 4.0L Barra MY05-08
- Ford Falcon FG 4.0L Barra MY08-14
- Ford Falcon FG-X 4.0L Barra MY14-16
Warranty: 12 Months, Unlimited Kilometre
Delivery: Free post to Aus wide, normally take 2-4 days to major city