CCT Stage One Turbochargers

Upgrading turbo chargers can be a hard decision on many customers, on most late model diesel vehicles upgrading turbocharger systems can involve many more modifications including intake & exhaust and tuning the vehicle as bigger turbochargers will often throw engine lights. CCT Stage 1 turbochargers have been developed for the customers that don’t want to spend thousands on tuning modifications, we specially modify these turbochargers to work as a bolt on upgrade. Billet Wheel Starting off with the billet wheel upgrade, using slim hub technology and extended base tip design wheel will increase the flow rate of the turbo up to 10%. Then moving to the weight of the wheel, the billet wheel is much lighter and stronger than a regular cast wheel, meaning it will spool up at a faster rate. Ceramic Coated Housings Ceramic coating is, more than just paint. We ceramic coat the housings on all our stage one turbochargers to help with heat soak, reducing the heat in a turbocharger will help keep the air density higher and give more power.