Spartan Turbo For Ford Falcon XR6 4.0L Barra



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The Run Down:

Spartan Turbocharger Systems (S.T.S.) have specially made these turbochargers to help Falcon owners get the most out of their 4.0L Barra Engines!
To have a turbocharger that can make big HP and stay reliable at the same time is always the dream!
S.T.S. spec these units out with the best of the best parts!
They are designed to make up to 30PSI reliably, yet they also lower EGTs, EMP & drive better than your factory Barra turbo!
Through vigorous testing they can comfortably say that these units make between 600Whp-700Whp. (Dependent on vehicle set up & tuner)


- Boost rating 12PSI - 30PSI
- 67mm 6+6 blade billet aluminium compressor wheel
- 9 Blade inconel hybrid turbine wheel
- Custom heavy duty dual ceramic ball bearings
- Oil & Coolant cooled core
- Designed specifically for the Barra Engine & factory manifold
- 90% Direct install, minor modification required


 Compressor Turbine
Inlet: 4 Inch Inlet: Factory Flange Lubrication: Oil & Coolant
Outlet: 2.5 Inch Outlet: Factory flange Coolant: Yes
Wheel: 67mm 6+6 Billet Aluminium Wheel: 68 mm 9 Blade Inconel Hybrid Oil Fittings: Factory
Size: Factory AR Size: 1.15 AR Coolant Fittings: Factory

Fitting Notes:

The Barra-STS84 Is A 90% Direct Fit To Your Ford Falcon BA/BF/FG/FG-X, Our Turbocharger Will Bolt Up To Your Existing Ford Manifold And Dump Pipe,

You Will Need To Modify Your Hot Side Piping & Your Intake Piping To Suit Larger Hoses Instead.

As always, we also highly recommend getting the vehicle tuned after installation.

Brand: Spartan Turbocharger Systems (S.T.S.)
Model: Barra-STS84
Part No: GT35/84RS
OEM Part No: 723157-5004S / 723157-5004 / 723157-4 / 723157-0004 / 774094-5001 / 774094-5001S / 774094-0001 / 774094-1 / 723157-5001S / 723157-5001 / 723157-1 / 723157-0001 / 723157-5002S / 723157-5002 / 723157-2 / 723157-0002 / 723157-5003S / 723157-5003 / 723157-3 / 723157-0003 / 836033-5004 / 836033-0004 / 836033-4 / 836033-5004S
- Ford Falcon BA XR6 4.0L Barra 240T
- Ford Falcon BF XR6 4.0L Barra 245T
- Ford Falcon FG XR6 4.0L Barra 270T
- Ford Falcon FG-X XR6 & G6E-T 4.0L Barra 270T
Cooling: Oil & Coolant
Actuator: This turbo comes pre-set to 12PSI
Gaskets: This turbo comes with a free complete gasket kit.
Warranty: 12 Months/25,000km - Whichever comes first
Delivery: Free post to Aus wide, normally takes 2-4 days to major cities.