How to buy the right turbo for your car


Buying a new turbo for your car can be hard. Sometimes there are multiple options for the same model of car, so choosing the right one the first time is super important. 
Nobody wants to post the wrong one back and then have to wait for the correct one again.

So how do you make sure you buy the right one?

The easiest and safest way to make sure you buy the right one is to find your turbo part number and cross reference it to the listing.
To do this, you'll need to find the ID plate on the front of the turbo. It looks like this:

Finding this ID plate can be tricky on some make and models. We find that often the easiest way to get those part numbers is to use your phone and take a photo. In most circumstances you wont be able to see the ID plate directly, so by using your phone, you can get a much better angle of view on the plate. You'll also have the benefit of now having a photo of the part numbers.

Different turbos will have slightly different layouts on their ID plates but the info should all be the same.
You'll see there is a Model number (eg. 'HT18' in above photo), a part number (eg. '14411-62T00' in above photo) and a serial number (eg. '211122010' in above photo).

Now that you have a photo of your ID plate and the part numbers, you can search for them using our website. There are some models of turbo that are specific to only one car, so searching the model number will sometimes work.
However, to be as accurate as possible, we always recommend searching the part number instead. This is because there are often multiple variations of turbo models, so a part number will tell us exactly which turbo you need.

If you are still having trouble finding the part number on your turbo or cant seem to match your part number to what we have listed, please feel free to contact us via the website text function, email at or call us on 03 8555 3989